Will the DJ make all the announcements for my Wedding?2020-11-24T18:41:07+00:00

Yes. It is customary for the DJ to make all the announcements such as the Bridal Party introduction and announcing the first dance, cake cutting, etc.

What equipment do you use?2022-10-12T16:02:29+00:00

Each of our DJs comes with a variety of state-of-the-art DJ equipment and equipment brands vary based on the DJ and needs of the event. We continue to invest in our equipment to keep up with the latest trends and ever changing technology.

Do you have videos or samples of your DJs work?2020-11-24T21:42:43+00:00

Due to music copyrights, we can’t publish our performances online, however you can see some visuals of our work in our photo gallery, social media accounts and read our reviews online. We also can provide you with references for each DJ.

Typically these references would be from the last three weddings that the DJ performed at.

Can we choose the music?2020-11-24T21:33:19+00:00

Yes! One of the advantages of hiring King Studios to DJ your event is that you are in control. We work with you to understand your taste in music and create a custom playlist for your event based on the songs you choose and by reading the crowd.

Can we have a “Do Not Play” list?2020-11-24T21:31:19+00:00

Yes. Along with picking out the music you want to hear at your event, you can create a “Do Not Play” List to give us a heads up of songs you want to avoid.

Do you take request?2020-11-24T21:30:40+00:00

Yes and No. It depends on if you want your guest to make request at your event. As part of the planning process, you get to decide if you will allow your guest to make request or not.

How early does King Studios arrive to setup at my event?2020-11-24T21:29:03+00:00

King Studios DJ Services will arrive between 2-3 hours before your event start time. If you are just needing our standard DJ services then we will arrive 2 hours before your event to setup. If you are requesting DJ services with lighting effects or if you need an additional sound system for your ceremony, then we will arrive 3 hours before your event to setup.

Will the DJ stay longer then the contracted time if asked?2020-11-24T19:00:29+00:00

Yes. If your party is still going and you need the DJ to stay longer than your invoiced stop time, our DJ will continue to play for $100/hour.

All unscheduled overtime will need to be prepaid via cash or credit card onsite to the DJ performing before the start of the unscheduled overtime.

Does the DJ need to take breaks?2020-11-24T18:55:13+00:00

No. King Studios DJs will perform continuously throughout your event.

Do you have backup equipment?2020-11-24T18:54:33+00:00

Yes. Although we use state-of-the-art equipment, we always have back-up equipment onsite.

Are you insured?2020-11-24T18:53:57+00:00

Yes. King Studios is covered by a $1,000,000 liability insurance policy.

In fact, some venues requires us to list them on our insurance policy. We will be happy to produce our Certificate of Insurance and list additional insured on our policy if needed.

Do I need to feed the DJ?2020-11-24T18:50:52+00:00

Although we do not require that you feed our DJ, please keep in mind that our DJ will be onsite for your event between 8-10 hours setting up, preforming, and tearing down.

Do I need to Tip the DJ?2020-11-24T18:47:35+00:00

While it is common to tip the entertainment industry, we do not included gratuity in the final contract price. If our DJ surpasses your expectations a tip would be greatly appreciated.

What will the DJ wear?2020-11-24T18:43:48+00:00

When the DJ arrives to setup about 2-3 hours before our start time, the DJ will have on casual clothing along with a King Studios Branded Polo Shirt. After they are finished setting up and before guest arrive, the DJ will change into a more formal attire to match your event.

When is the final payment due?2020-11-24T17:15:04+00:00

Final payment is due 48 hours before your event.

Can I select the DJ for my event?2023-06-20T21:30:44+00:00

We have a team of DJs (Nathan, Sam, Kyle and Patrick) that we assign to your wedding based on a number of factors.

Each DJ has their availability calendar posted online, so you can see who is available when you book your wedding with us. If you have a preferred DJ that is available, please let us know and we will try to honor that request. In some situations, we may need to swap around DJs due to an injury, illness, or some other unforeseen instance.

How long has my DJ been performing at Wedding?2023-06-20T21:31:13+00:00

Nathan King, started King Studios in 2003.

Sam King, joined King Studios in 2014.

Kyle Grogg, joined King Studios in 2018.

Patrick Sheets, joined King Studios in 2022.


Will the DJ perform for more than one event per day?2020-11-24T18:28:43+00:00

No. Our DJs will only perform at one event per day.

Do I need to provide the DJ with a Table or Linens?2020-11-24T21:37:43+00:00

No. Our DJs bring their own tables and table linens with special openings on the side to help conceal cables.

The only things we require is a space to setup our table, and a power outlet within 25 feet of our setup.

What if I need more than 6 Hours?2023-12-28T20:13:59+00:00

After our initial 6-Hour Base Rate of $1800, we charge $200/hour for each additional hour.

Does King Studios charge for setting up or tearing down?2023-12-28T20:14:16+00:00

Normally we do not charge for setting up or tearing down unless a client or event requires us to:

a) Be completely setup more than an hour before our start time

b) Wait to tear down after our end time.

If either of these scenarios occurs, our standard overtime rate of $200/hour is charged.

Does King Studios charge any travel fees?2020-11-24T17:59:18+00:00

There is no travel fee if your event location is within a 50 mile radius of Staunton VA. If your event location is further than 50 miles, we charge a $1/mile from Staunton VA.

For example: Venues located in Charlottesville, Crozet, Harrisonburg, Staunton, Waynesboro, Lexington, Luray, New Market, Natural Bridge, Madison, and Wintergreen Resort are inside our free travel zone.

Is a payment required to book your services?2023-12-28T20:15:17+00:00

Yes. A non-refundable deposit of $400 is required to reserve your wedding date.

Do you accept credit cards?2020-11-24T17:48:34+00:00

Yes. King Studios accepts Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express.

Do you offer a contract?2020-11-24T17:22:27+00:00

Yes. A contract is created during the booking process online where you can e-sign this contract online.

May we meet you before we sign a contract?2020-11-24T17:19:24+00:00

We are happy to setup an online video meeting to meet you virtually and discuss your wedding details with us prior to booking.

Can you provide us with references?2020-11-24T17:17:07+00:00

Yes. When asked for references, we will give potential clients the contact information for the last three weddings that the DJ preformed at.

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